Our History

Our History

The Treasure Coast Vintage Car Club was founded in 2000 (?) as a local chapter of the Antique Automobile Club of America.  Our beginnings were humble but a group of highly motivated antique car owners were determined to make our local chapter successful.

The Treasure Coast Vintage Car Club is a family oriented club that creates a venue for classic cars owners to gather periodically and enjoy each other’s company, knowledge,  and cars.

Each of our members brings his or her specialized skills and knowledge to the club and without exception are willing to share their experience with other owners.

If you’re new to antique cars this knowledge can be enormously helpful.  Many of our members are certified car show judges and know precisely how most cars should be restored..  That knowledge can help you prepare your car for judging with a favorable outcome.

Many of our long-time members enjoy spending time with our younger members and teaching them the ropes of classic car ownership.

We would like to extend a personal invitation to everyone who visits our site to join the club and help us preserve a long and rich automotive history.

Club Officers

Sandee Searle
Chairman of the Board

Jo Ann Smith

Andre Rayman
1st Vice President

Cathie Means
2nd VP Membership

Rosemary Rayman

Bob Ridle

Grady Stephens
Sargent at Arms

A Few Vintage Photos from our Archives

A special thanks to Andre Rayman for these wonderful images.