Car Owner Interviews (June)

1967 Ford Fairlane

Car Owner Video Spotlight


Proud of your car?  We’re proud to have you and your car be a part of our show as well.

Everyone that comes to our shows wants to know more about the cars that are here and hear how they were acquired, restored, and maintained.  We wanted to create a platform that allows all that to happen easily.

Beginning in June of 2019 we’re video recording an interviews with any of the car owners that would like to have their car featured in our Classic Car Spotlight.

The interview lasts ABOUT 10 minutes and is a very easy flowing and casual conversation between two car guys.  There’s no pressure and it’s about as easy as telling the people that walk by your car your story.

If you have interest please contact Lew or stop by the ShutterPassion Photography booth and speak to Glenn.